Be Wild All The Time

Be wild all the time
without using drugs or alcohol

Video - Be Wild All The Time

Be Wild All The Time

Be wild all the time
without using drugs or alcohol

Video - Be Wild All The Time

Be Wild All The Time

Be wild all the time without using drugs or alcohol

Video - Be Wild All The Time

Socially acceptable behaviors, also known as social norms, are the unwritten rules of behavior that dictate: “how we are supposed to act", "how we are supposed to behave" and "what is expected from us".

These behaviors are instilled in us from birth, and because they're "instilled" in us, we can't just shut them off when we want to.

Socially acceptable behaviors have two "major" setbacks: 1) they make us “less interesting” and 2) they cause us “stress & anxiety”.

Here's how socially acceptable behaviors make us “less interesting”:

In addition to oppressing us with how we’re “supposed to” act and behave,
socially acceptable behaviors impose us with “expectations”.
And when people expect certain behavior from us,
“we tend to comply”.

It’s unfortunate, but the more we comply, the more predictable we are, the “less interesting” we become.

Here’s an example:
Suppose a woman is instilled with socially acceptable behaviors to the point that she only does what’s expected of her.
She basically, has become - an android.

While staying with the same example, have you ever heard a guy say:
“she's not the kind of girl you want to marry, just the kind to fool around with”.
For the insecure guy who thinks like this, our android would make an ideal wife for him.
But it won't take long, before even this guy will tire of this woman.

Here's how socially acceptable behaviors cause “stress and anxiety”:

1) "When we want to deviate" from an instilled behavior, we feel like we are not complying with acceptable behaviors, and that makes us "think" we are doing something wrong - which causes us stress and anxiety.
This problem leads many individuals to use alcohol, so they can - so call “loosen up”.

2) "When we do deviate" from an instilled behavior, we tend to experience stress and anxiety from feelings of guilt, stemming from the belief: we did something wrong.
Some individuals may turn to drugs to alleviate the stress and anxiety, while others choose alcohol to “drown their sorrows”.
If the stress and anxiety becomes overwhelming, some may experience depression, or worse - contemplate suicide.

3) Another way these behaviors cause us stress, is by the expectations imposed on us that we are “supposed to” fit in, to be “socially acceptable”.
This issue is especially prevalent with children and adoloescents, as their young minds are still somewhat untainted by society’s acceptable behaviors.

That’s three different ways socially acceptable behaviors cause us stress, and if we’re all stressed out, we certainly can’t be the free-spirited individuals, we were meant to be.

We can summarize what we just read about, with one statement -

the more stress we have,
and the more behaviors we are expected to comply with,
the less wild we are.

Now let’s rephrase that statement - in a more positive way.

We can basically say the same thing in a more positive way by inverting it:

“the more we rid ourselves of socially acceptable behaviors,
the ”wilder” we will be.

Now that’s inspiring!

While television, movies,
social media and maybe even our jobs played a role,
for the the most part,
it was likely the individuals who raised us,
typically our parents or guardians,
who were the ones to instill us with the majority of behaviors we have.

We can’t blame our parents or guardians, as they had good intentions thinking they were preparing us for the “civilized” school system we had to attend and for the “civilized” life we were going to live,
but in reality, they robbed us:

“they robbed us of our precious wild.”

No worries, there’s hope.

Because now that we’ve identified the problem,
we can start on “the cure”.

The Cure for Civilization

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